1. I tried to watch the series on Netflix. I couldn’t swallow it all. Of course, this came out on the heels of my brother’s suicide. From what I did watch of this series, it gives off a confusing aspect when it comes to suicide. In many ways, to me, the series made it seem like it was a GOOD thing to commit suicide and that others are to blame for many people choosing to do that.

    In many ways, I do feel that others can cause us loads of harm. I’ve dealt with many of the things that happened in the series as a teenager. It hurt me, but I did live through it. In many ways, it made me stronger.

    • Alice

      I’m so sorry to hear about your brother.

      I think this show received a mixed reception. I dont think overall it made suicide seem like a good choice. For me, every episode made it seem more pointless. But that’s my opinion.

      The suicide scene was extremely triggering i think. I found it very hard to watch. In the book she overdoses but they chose cutting wrists in the show. Not sure it was necessary to change it to be honest.

      The book is much better and sends a better message i think.

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